Open billiard and darts competitions in Helsinki

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Groovetown Jack Billiard organises open billiard and darts competitions, as well as other open competitions and events in the heart of Helsinki. The programme includes, among other things, open weekly pool competitions and Snooker's Open House amateur league.


From time to time, we also offer billiard coaching conducted by a professional coach in both snooker and pool.


We also organise various corporate and private events by agreement, where professional player guidance is available to delve into the secrets of the game. The package may include group coaching/guidance and/or trick shot demonstrations according to your preferences.


Our partner, Richard’s Dart, is a traditional darts club operating in the downtown area of Helsinki, which organises open weekly competitions at Groovetown Jack on Mondays and occasionally other competitions as well. For those interested in dart club and competition activities, more information is available on competition evenings on-site and on the club's competition calendar at

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On our website, you can follow news about events and billiard competitions in our billiard hall in the heart of Helsinki.

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