The website is part of the Fonecta website network, and cookies are used on the site for various purposes, including enabling site functionalities and targeting advertising. Users can choose to block or clear cookies through browser settings or opt out of targeted advertising by visiting the opt-out pages of advertising partners. By continuing to browse the site after being informed and offered options, the user accepts the use of cookies.


Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small, anonymous, user-specific text file that is stored in the user's web browser. It contains a unique identifier that can identify the web browser visiting the site (e.g., when the user returns to a previously visited site). Only the server that stored the cookie can later use it, and it does not cause harm to the user's device. A cookie alone cannot personally identify the user.


We collect information through cookies about how and when our website is used, such as which page the user came from, when and which pages of our website the user has visited, what browser the user is using, the user's screen resolution, device operating system and version, and IP address.


Cookies are generally divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when the user ends the web session, while persistent cookies remain in the browser for a certain period or until the user deletes them. Cookies facilitate the use of websites and enable certain functionalities, such as remembering sessions, personalising websites for users, and easy authentication.


First-party cookies are set by the website visible in the address bar. In addition to these, our services use third-party cookies, such as those of advertising networks, measurement and tracking service providers, advertising technology vendors, and social media services.


Purposes of Use

We use cookies to enable the functionalities of our services, analyse website usage, optimise user experience, develop products, and report, as well as target advertising. Cookies make it easier for users to use our services, and the displayed advertising is more relevant and tailored to the user's likely interests.


The information collected from the website is used to create target groups within the Fonecta network and expand existing target audiences using look-alike modelling. Target group information may be shared with third parties who want to provide advertising that is likely to be of interest to the user. These third parties may combine target group information from Fonecta's advertising network websites with their own data to purchase advertising space on the site where users interested in the advertiser's products or services visit. More information can be found on Fonecta's website at:


By using our website, you consent to the processing of data as described above. You can choose to block the use of cookies or browse websites using private browsing mode ("Private Browsing", "Incognito", or "InPrivate") so that information is not stored via cookies about the pages you visit. However, please note that many websites may not function properly without cookies.


You can clear your cookie history from your web browser settings, which will remove the identifier stored in the web browser and the corresponding online behavioural profile. This action does not prevent new cookies from being stored in the browser. For more information on deleting and blocking cookies, refer to the instructions provided by your browser's manufacturer.


You can opt out of third-party targeted advertising on the Your Online Choices – The partners used by Fonecta and links to pages where you can opt out of targeted advertising are listed at:


Please note that cookie-related choices are browser-specific, so if you use multiple browsers and/or devices, you will need to make choices for each one individually.