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At Groovetown Jack, we have 4 heated STAR snooker tables that meet the criteria of even the most demanding players, ensuring excellent playing conditions.


The Snooker Open House League is an amateur league aimed at players of all levels, from beginners to more experienced players. Players are divided into level groups. The league runs from autumn to spring, making it a longer-term amateur league. The season is divided into periods of approximately 4-6 weeks of play. During each period, players within each group play against each other. Winners of each group move up to a higher level for the next period, while the bottom players move down a level. Each player will find opponents of their own skill level within their groups. Alongside group matches, break and season ranking points are also tracked. The top 16 players with the most points throughout the season qualify for the Groovetown Masters competition held in early summer. The league awards gift vouchers and merchandise prizes to winners of each group, and sponsorship prizes are also possible.


Registration for the Open House league is now open. Register via email or call 040 350 7978


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Groovetown Jack Bar & Billiard serves in Iso Roobertinkatu, Helsinki.

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